«FONCY» is a modern, fast-growth company specialized in manufacturing and selling snack products. We offer a wide range of nuts and dried fruits cultivated in the fertile soils of Central Asia and Southern and Western Africa.

We set high requirements for quality of our products to provide our customers with nuts and dried fruits of the best taste and organoleptic characteristics.

Central Asian and African nuts and dried fruits are justly reckoned as one of the most delicious, high-quality and healthy products worldwide. They’re nursed under optimum environmental conditions in small private orchards and family households with minimal fertilizers treatment.

The mature fruits and nuts are dried thoroughly and gently, in a natural manner, without disposing to direct sunlight, which helps to preserve vitamins and ensure optimum moisture.

The range of «FONCY» nuts includes six species and one mix: peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, nut mix, hazelnuts and walnuts. The nuts are offered as snacks: fried, salty fried and fried in caramel. All products are made from high quality ingredients by skilled specialists following distinguished time-proven recipes without preservatives and food dyes.

The range of Fonsy dried fruits includes: dried cherries, golden raisins, dried figs, dried apricots, dried fruit cocktails, dates, candied fruit mixes and prunes. The products are not only dainties with the unique taste, but are also of premium quality and beneficial for health.

We are constantly improving our recipes to make our products perfect and unique in flavor. We purchase from reliable suppliers proven by time and practice in order to compile with applicable standards including international standards of quality.​

Quality is our main priority! «FONCY»
are snacks for gourmets! Yummy!